What is ethics ?

Merriam Webster defines the Greek concept by Aristote as

1 – the discipline of dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation

a set of moral principles
b: a theory or system of moral values
ca guiding philosophy
d: a consciousness of moral importance

Why ethics & IT?

The urge for reflexion, boundaries, guidelines and risk assessment has become more than ever crucial in todays trailblazing development of technologies.
With artifical intelligence and computer guided assistance taking over human duties, it has become essential to keep track of the impact on our human lives, values and visions.

The parcours

For over 20 years I have been working in information technology, first in NY as a database manager for Booz Allen & Hamilton. Back in Europe, I have been Director of Strategy for an IT company in Paris with world leading clients. Then I started teaching Information Systems at the Sorbonne. Over all these years I have been mainly involved with the technical aspects of IT until 6 years ago when I started a Data Ethics class at the Paris School of Business. Based on discursive ethics, contemporary conflicts and concerns where debated and analyzed. Such as “Robots as futur bosses”, “Robotic companionship” ” Technical dependancies and self-estime” “Societal and philosophical impact by modern technology” “Private data thefts” “Ethical hacking” “Biohacking and human values” …