CNDS – Les 45 premières années d’un pionnier du social

[Karà éditions] Katja Rausch, 2012

The CNDS is Abrigado, better known as “Fixerstuff”, or “Vollekskichen” or “Nei Aarbecht”. The National Committee of Social Defense, is a non-profit association created in 1967 which celebrated its 45 years in 2012. This book traces the eventful history of a social pioneer.


The book “CNDS – The first 45 years of a social pioneer” deals with a hidden side of Luxembourg through the story of an atypical non-profit organization. It comprises 160 illustrated pages on pioneering events in the Luxembourg social sector: the opening of the first home for ex-convicts in the 1950s, the pioneer streetwork done for drug addicts and prostitutes in the 1980s or the reopening in 1982 of the popular cuisine.


Royalties go to “Le Rêve du Petit Prince”

Qui inventera les réalités nouvelles ?

[Karà éditions] Nic Klecker, 2011

Discover the multiple realities of the thinker and philosopher Nic Klecker

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 « Petit Manuel de l’émerveillement »

[Karà éditions] Katja Rausch, 2009

Why write a book on wondering? Simply because the business language and utilitarianism have taken over in daily life. And a something little like wondering seems hardly profitable.

This book aims all those who want to rediscover their lightness of a child, in a playful offbeat universe.

Discover the EXQUISITE CORPS, the FATAL FRACTALS, the GAGA PARTITION, and contributions by Michèle NOSBAUM, Nic KLECKER, Claudine SCHABO-PRUSSEN, Marie-Paule SCHROEDER, Jean-Marc LEHU, Judith LECUIT and Patrick LESAGE.

The Petit Manuel is dedicated to José Ensch.


Limited edition of only 500 copies. All numbered and signed. To you, independent spirits!

Royalties go to ALUPSE – Association luxembourgeoise pour la prévention des sévices à enfants.


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Portraits de femmes célèbres luxembourgeoises

[Karà éditions] Katja Rausch, 2008

“The celebrity of women is often of a paradoxical magnitude. A woman can be both ignored and raised to an almost mythical status. This is the case for Ketty Thull. – Germaine Goetzinger

Discover unusual destinies

Anne Beffort (first professor and founder of the Victor Hugo Museum in Vianden), Ermesinde, Aline Mayrisch – from Saint-Hubert, Josephine Jacquemart (grande dame of sports), Louise Welter (the first female doctor), Ketty Thull (the cook), Katrin C. Martin (first journalist and globe-trotter), Helen Buchholtz (first composer), Luxembourg’s most controversial religious Clara Moes and the last decapitated woman in Luxembourg.

With contributions from Marie-Anne Werner, Michel Margue, Cornel Meder, Jean Hamilius, Germaine Goetzinger, Lucien Thiel, Paul Kremer, Danielle Roster, Christiane Zettinger and Yannick Didlinger.

Illsutrations by Iva Mrazkova.

For Luxembourg’s national holiday on June 23, 2008, Luxembourg’s grand ladies were invited to the Consulate General in New York.


With the support of the Pierre Werner Institute.

Royalties go to the Croix-Rouge luxembourgeoise Croix-Rouge luxembourgeoise


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52 excursions en voiture à 1,2 et 3 heures du Luxembourg en Grande Région

[Karà éditions] Katja Rausch, 2006

The Guide 52 offers 52 unusual excursions by car from Luxembourg City in less than 1, 2 and 3 hours to France, Belgium and Germany.

14 Luxembourg VIPs, including Mario Hirsch, Guy Hellers, Paul Rauchs, Léa Linster and Gast Waltzing have disclosed their secret destination.

With exclusive illustrations by Robert Brandy, Benedicte Weis and François Valentiny.


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 Trei der Hemecht

[éditions saint-paul]


This book reflects the last years of life of soldier Alphonse Wenkin, born in the North of Luxembourg. Under the direction of Katja Rausch.

Royalties go to Médecins sans Frontières  Médecins Sans Frontières Luxembourg

Out of print


 „Es geht alles vorüber, es geht alles vorbei…“

[éditions saint-paul] Katja Rausch, 2004


Destiny and letters of Forced Recruited Philippe Gonner: Eastern Front 1942-1944. Philippe Gonner is still missing today.

Foreword by Gilbert Trausch


 Royalties go to Alzheimer Luxembourg